Who owns the moon?


Of course nobody! But there are serious debate about whos' who. US have already planted a flag and this is what other nation wants to do as well. America's flag doesn't mean any authority. As per the Outer Space Treaty, signed by almost 100 countries, the international law signed by more than 100 countries, states that the moon and other celestial bodies are the province of all mankind.

Actually, it's me...owner of the moon (just kidding).

The United States aims to send astronauts back to the moon by as early as 2015, in a mission that would include a long-term settlement. China and Israel, among others, are also working on lunar projects. And for the first time, several private groups are building spacecraft to land on the moon in an attempt to win millions of dollars in the Google Lunar X Prize. Some participants say that they plan to gain some property rights in the mission. Read full article here.

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