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Smoking has never a part of my life by the way. My grandmother does. For her, it's somehow a cure for her excessive spit-up and appetite. If she can't smoke buds even once a day, she'll get sick. She's been smoking since she was a little child. Her parents made her do it for a belief of medication.

She tried lots of products from various manufacturer or dealers then. But never she said they were all as great as International Oddities buds. According to her, International Oddities caught her taste. Since she started using products from the said manufacturer, I never seen her trying another brands anymore. I figure out she seems real satisfied with it.

Why does my grandmother prefers legal buds from International Oddities? Simply because it's very unique and unusual. Apart from the taste which is 100% Legal Buds and Herbal Smokes, products are sold in a very affordable price compared to other brands or the competitors. For 25 years of making fine legal buds and other stuff, International Oddities has proven to be on top.

Anyway, if I do smoke, I am going to choose Legal Hawaiian Bud. The name sounds great, eh? But that is not the reason why I picked it but such product is very affordable. For just 5 bucks, I can purchase it. Other brands sell it for over 45 bucks which is real high for the price. I will never spend such amount just for the buds with an unlikable taste.

So, if you smoke buds, don't go purchase nowhere, just visit the website and you'll enjoy the greatest deals they offer.

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