Post-Father's day celebration


"The Incredible Hulk and my incredible hubby"

"The incredible Hulk and the unano"

We celebrated Father's Day a day later. We couldn't make it on date as Chad was working that time. Though I greeted him while he was at work. When he came home, I gave my gift to him -- shirt, shorts and socks.

Anyway, we went to RAVE to watch a movie the day after that. We chose to be with "the incredible hulk". We waited for like 30 minutes before the movie started and we had time to play with the "incredible hulk". Wow! That thing is soo huge.

I can say that the movie is awesome! It's better than the first one. Plus, the Iron man appeared on the last part which gave us a hint of the next Incredible Hulk movie.

A fine dinner followed.

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