Farewell Daboy! (Rudy Fernandez)


I was visiting Dezz' blog and read about Daboy's death.

This is a bit shattering.

I know that the late Rudy Fernandez had been suffering from cancer for two years and been here in the United States for treatments. They've been saying that he was fine that's why I presumed he'll live for more years. I never thought he would end up this early. I feel the sadness in me. I don't know. I am not related to him though.

The actor died at 6:15AM (Phil time), june 7, 2008 at their respective home in White Plains, Quezon City.

Farewell Daboy! photo source

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Lerlyn said...

hala Lir karon pa ko kabalo na namatay na d-i cia..tong isang adlaw kita ko paman cia sa tv kissed cia ni Lorna..dedo na d-i kaluoy oi..amat2x kapatay mga bida sa pelikula.

Lir himala lagi ang Pyu, tagaan kog tatlo ganina..unya pa nako i-post..unta mag cge na oi =) kay hina na jud ang tulo ka P nako oi.dugay na wa ko diha. SS ug pyu nalang akong kasaligan ani.

Lerlyn said...

kalimot ko tapik sa sig nako hehe!

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Overseas Worker said...

Thanks for posting. I saw your profile at Social Sparks and saw your latest post about Daboy. I feel so bad. Lorna was so hopeful that he will be well. It's so sad. He is one of the best stars in the Philippine movie industry. :-(

wITChy Boop said...

subo Mare oi... subo gyud...