Specialized construction equipment


We've been away from home for like the whole day today. We went shopping for my husband's tools from the leading stores around the area.

Along the way, there are lots of constructions going on. I've seen huge of machineries in the construction areas such as trucks, tractors and more which I couldn't name for I am not familiar with it. Sign of progress in a short sense. These sort of things woke the sleeping interest in me. Imagine how useful these machineries are to man power.

Talking about construction equipments, I came across this company website named Asher & Sons. Again, I became so interested with their business and what they offer. Being in the business for a decade is more establishing but Asher has been operating for nine decades dealing specialized construction equipments such as truck and equipment rentals, sales, and services. I learned a few more by just going over with their website. Asher is a well-known company for supplying trucks and equipment to the power, telephone, and CATV Industries.

Take a read on this. We all know that construction equipments aren't like clothes that if we want to shop, we can always go directly to stores but not if you deal with Asher as they have stocks of it like over 200 pre-owned utility aerial bucket trucks , digger derricks, boom trucks, crew trucks, and specialized equipment from quality manufacturers like :

* Altec
* Hi-Ranger
* Hogg-Davis
* National Crane
* OK Champion
* Pitman Crane
* RO
* Sherman-Reilly
* Standard Trailer
* Teco
* Telsta
* Terex
* Versalift

Asher offers a large sales such as bucket truck sales and rental inventory of the equipments like the following :
* Trucks – Boom, Bucket, Winch, Cable Take-up, Digger Derrick, and Underbridge Inspection
* Underground Cable – Sewer Rodders, Cable Choppers, Cable Scrappers, Reel Loaders, Winch Trucks, Cable Trailers, Reel Trailers, Pole Trailers, Tensioners, and Hogg Pullers
* Cranes – Pitman and Stinger Crane Sales and Rentals

Feel free to browse the website.

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