Come out of your shell!


The video above is my way of sharing in other form about the significance of awareness to prevent the occurrence of any circumstances.

Awareness to what surrounds us is every important. It can be the things we do and or most especially the foods we eat. Being aware is not just keeping things within ourselves. We have to share it for everybody would know and learn from it.

Just like in eating oysters. It's not just as simple as eating it without proper education of what's behind this food. We have to be aware of the benefits we got from it and of course it's effect if it's not eaten properly. We have to be cautious. We have to inform ourselves.

For Gulf oysters awareness, visit for your own good.

Let's be responsible.

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Lerlyn said...

idol!!u did it very well!!

Lir, mahal bayad sa ppplay?unsa na nga site? pero d ko mag join hehe kay wala gagana ang youtube dre, hina connection ko, plus d ko kabalo gihapon pano himo ug video hehe!