Men are dealing a lot of disorder especially with their sexual life. Erectile dysfunction is the most common. Age is one of the main factor why this happens especially if they reach the age of 40. Over 40 million American men suffer with some degree of the disorder.

Good thing that there are discoveries or medicines made solely for this problem. The medication called PDE5 inhibitors helps achieve a man's desire and would last long. This is a safe medication and works very well for those who have problems.

There are so many medications out in the market nowadays. The new one is Tadalafil, a Generic Cialis. It is the newly available generic equivalent of Cialis available in the market. An improved PDE5 inhibiting medication, and is more of effect compared to others like Viagra in every respect. It is proven to last for 35 hours for a lasting intimate romance between couples. Tadalafil is cheaper than the other medications and sure will everybody would be greatful for this.

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