My version of "di ko kayang iwan ka of Sheryn"


I love Sheryn's "di ko kayang iwan" and so I decided to sing it while recording a video through my webcam. My voice isn't like sheryn but I may as well share it to you. This will be a controversy like Janine San Miguel (lol).

Anyway, hope you like it. This is the first take. Just tired of taking another one. There are some part in the video which is unperfectly done. I forgot some of the lyrics and you can hear hubby talking.

4 responses:

mari said...

i love your version... so galing!!! keep it up... you may be the next happy slip :)

Lerlyn said...

wow! naa na koy bag-ong idol!ikaw!! nakadungog na jud ko sa imong kanta Lir ba, dugay nako nangandoy ma hear na. Lir, unsa kalayo ang California sa imohang state?ma drive ra?hehe!
good singer jud ng imong babygirl ba kay mag kanta man ka while buntis..keep singer!i like jud ur voice.

lira said...

tenk yu sa pag-appreciate girls...hehe

jenn_US said...

wow u have a great voice lir. how i wish i can sing like that,girl! yabag kaau ko voice. hehe