For the love of pearl


What if oyster produces diamonds, pearls, charcoals or anything instead of what it's producing now? Has this ever gotten into your mind? You might be thinking it's an awesome idea. Imagine, there would be more gems for our fashion trends and more to add our collection of expensive jewelries. What about charcoal? Just think of the cold season. Oyster producing charcoal would be great. It warms our body.

If I were to choose whether oyster producing gems such as pearls or diamonds, charcoal or anything, I would rather choose oyster producing pearls. Pearls are so expensive. If oyster produces much of these, oyster catcher would be so rich. Oh! how I wonder. I never have a real pearl and I would really wanna own one.
One more thing, let's not forget that oysters are created by the Almighty to produce food. To feed hungry tummy. To satisfy our taste.

Speaking of oysters again, are you aware of this kind of food? Or you just eat and eat without a bit of knowledge of what's getting into your mouth. Since it's one of our favorite food, let's be aware of Gulf oysters. First and foremost, it's rich in protein and calcium which is very good for us. Just that, don't eat it raw as it causes infection especially if you're already sick.

Let's be cautious! Be oyster aware. Visit to be informed.

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