Congrats to Lerlyn!!!


My friend Jacque told me that Lerlyn is preggy. I didn't believe her at first. I even said " atik" or are you sure?. She was certain and told me to check Lerlyn's blog because she made her announcement there.

I then checked her blog and there posted the good news. Just so happy for my friend. We've been an online friends for quite long. I dunno when it started but the thing is, I like her to death.

To Lerlyn, Andy and Bienne, congratulations for the new addition to the family. Am sure the baby will be as pretty as her/his parents.

tsup! tsup! tsup! for you.

(photo courtesy of Lerlyn's FS profile but I posted here with no consent)

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Lerlyn said...

hi Lir!touched naman ko sa imong post oi..salamat Lir!!Miga jud ta..Lir sa ASC baya ko una nag announce Lir ba 1week advance..wala cguro ka ka-visit didto ba..mingaw naman didto basta wala ka..hehe!