A meal of sinigang with rice


mmn...yum yum...had a blast earlier!

whew! at last, after a very long time, my tongue finally tasted the sourness of sinigang again. I had two plates of rice tonight which is very unsual for me. I normally eat just a little bitty but tonight is the night hehe. Who could resist this dish?

I added kangkong in the absence of pechay, onion, red bell pepper ( I couldn't find siling labuyo) and the secret to make it maasim or sour, Knorr sinigang mix that I bought from the oriental store), to complete the priceless taste and lo! I made sinigang na hipon sa sampalok. Sinigang is my specialty at home and will always be a special dish for me.

A trivia..did you know that people think that kangkong is for the poor? This vegie is known for that because it is accessible to everyone. You don't need to buy, you can grow it in your yard or just ask some stems from a neighbor.

2 responses:

***FYRNZ*** said...

kalami ani oi... i love sinigang!

My World said...

oh wow! kakagutom. buti ka you have kangkong.

take care!