AOS update


Just got the interview notice from the USCIS today. We filed last July 07 and we'll be interviewed this Feb 2008. Seven months on the waiting. Wow! that long? It's like we filed for K-1 visa. I thought it would only take 4-5 months to process.

Nevertheless, I'm still glad that we have the interview date. We're really blessed -- a baby and this. Thanks God!

2 responses:

poray said...

it also took us 7 months before i got my gc..siguro ky dugay mn gud mi nagfile..good luck sa sure it won't be hard since buntis ka..when i had my biometrics sus nag buad2 tawn ko kadako sa ako tyan lol..ingatz

Thira said...

Goodluck Lir, k1 inyo apply before? I'm sure you will pass:)