Bloggerwave : a way to earn


I just knew thru fellow bloggers' post. They said they earned some bucks which incouraged me to sign up also. Sounds so interesting for me. Receiving rewards by just expressing or writing some things online and watta! It would be a great oppurtunity for a person like me who stays home, with internet connection and of course, a blogger. I haven't tried getting rewards from other sites that I've joined with and am hopeful I would be able to get it from here. The resources that I will be gaining will add to our income.

To all of you guys who wanted to earn while staying home, try the site i mentioned above. For sure, like anyone else, it would change our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Lir, pwede naba magpasa ug blog sa mga gapanghatag ug kwarta(hehehe) bisag dili pa 3mos ang blog with 100post?kay mao man akong nabasahan. Ug pwede ba ang bloggers sa Pinas?hehe naningkamot jud ko Lir nu?hehe!--Lerlyn

Dabawenya Babe said...

Hi Lir og Ler *smile*,

Pwede na mupasa bisan wala pa 3 months, dili man strikto ang boggerwave. Nice didto kay tag $10 sila per entry and the approval would usually take place after a day or 2. Ang pay out or payment kay after a month from the time nga na-approve ang imo post.

Grats ani na post lir and more postings to go.

lira said...

salamat sa info Gladz. wawart na ni! hehe