green last!


For months I've been here in the US, yesterday was one of my glorious days. YOu know why? Green mango was the reason. I've been craving for this eversince. Every month or before my period comes to visit me, my mouth waters and craves for the taste of this fruit.

I bought once in Wal Mart but when I tasted it, it was kinda ripe and a bit soft, so I discarded it and promise myself not to buy anymore.

Promise is said to be broken. Yesterday, me and hubby went out for grocery shopping. This certain fruit was on the rack and inviting me to get one. I selected the greenest one and put it on my bagger.

When we got home, I then washed it and peeled the skin off. Oh wow!...this is it! I said to myself. The one that I've been wanting to eat. The fruit. My favorite. Mango! I ate it with salt and vinegar. I was satisfied though it wasnt really the kind of mango I wanted.

I still love Philippine mango, ever!

3 responses:

Moccalyn said...

Hi Lira

although I dont really go much for green mangoe. he he he ikakain na lang kita dito..just dropping by

lira said...

hehe...salamat lyn...

Marie said...

Hi Sis! Wow! Naglaway ko sa imo mangga da.. Nagkaon ko kagahapon sis pero kining buang ta ug mangga kay mura pirmi lang ta gusto mokaon...Usahay maala-an nalang ko buntis..LOL