Princess goes to school

Til now, it has not sink in me yet that I no longer have a baby but a big girl! I couldn't fall asleep yesterday after bringing her to school. I am  nocturnal  because of my graveyard shift by the way. It was her first day of school or what the school calls "the staggard day" for kindergarten. For a newbie like her, she did pretty good. She's never to daycare or pre-k, so everything about school is fairly new to her. The classroom, teacher, being with a lot of kids on weekdays, new rules, time and the set-up.

The same day yesterday, she met her very first teacher. I am hopeful that Mrs. Beck would leave a very good impression on my kindergirl. She seems to be a very nice young lady according to my instinct. I saw how she loves her profession and the way she handled the kids. Also, her husband used to work with my husband, giving me more confident to trust her.

She has a very positive attitude to start her first day of school. 
Just smiling with no tantrums. 

The night before that, she had trouble falling asleep. It was almost ten in the evening, I was about to leave for work, and she was still up. Though she's already in bed, her thoughts were wandering, just feeling excited or anxious perhaps of what and how school is going to be. 

That other night was a huge different from last night. She fell asleep right when the husband tucked her in. Exhausted I guess from the activities she had with the entire class. When she got home, she couldn't stop eating hahaha funny how fast she ate that full serving of apple when she barely could finish three slices in a regular day. Not just that, she ate more dinner rolls and a glass of milk.

Today is the second day which is also her first day with the whole class, meaning everyone in the class will be present. Unlike yesterday that its just six of them, part of the class didn't come in since they already have their staggard day on the previous days. 

I am still crawling about the school system here. As much as possible, I read notes from the school admin, equipping myselt with the rules and what needs to be done as a parent. It's been awhile since I graduated college and even more my elementary grades. Still anxious as well on how this first milestone of the little one will be and how far it'll take her big mind.

A short confession of a DIY addict

As DIY addict, tools are my companion everytime there is a project going on. As much as possible, I want everything I need by me before I start tweaking on something. Between me and the husband, I am more of a handy person than him. Sounds weird, eh, since he's the man. It matters not to me though being that I love doing things by myself with perfection. You should see how the husband reacts when there are times  when I need to redo or rebuild a project just because a slight error occurred.

When it comes to hardware supplies, I love shopping at the nearest store around the area and online on  Reid Supply hardware. The website has thousands of selections that I barely can find at the store, so online is my last resort. A week of waiting for the supplies to come in the mail once ordered is worth it.

A very happy birthday to me!

It's my birth anniversary and I am greeting myself a happy one! Indeed, it is a happy and glorious one. I get to wake refreshed and rested. Read the greetings and wishes flooding on my facebook wall as well as my inbox. Family and friends remembered my birthday, enough for me to day I am truly blessed. I am loved for who I am regardless of my flaws and shortcomings. 

I am not sure if my birthday will be celebrated today. It's all fine with me because the husband has to work and so do I. We already went watch a movie yesterday. Yes, for the third time, we drove all the way to AMC baton Rouge (my not kind of theater but no choice) to watch despicable me 2. Stopped by McDonalds for the minions after the movie. Good enough! The minions are hilarious that I can't get enough of them. 

Later on, I'll update you guys if there is something really special happening later. Too early to say as of now. Everybody is still asleep. The husband has bought his gift to me two weeks early. Will be posting that, too, along with other photos. 

Oh, yes, I am THIRTY one years old! A year older, a year wiser but not an inch taller!

Six years of change

Watching a DIY or home decorating shows inspire me to do stuff by myself. Migrating here six years ago, the house looked so horrible as in literally. The husband lived by himself so he worried nothing for decorating, making it appealing to live in. Imagine hanging a blue curtain on the entry door just because he didn't like the light coming on. So funny and hilarious! So, in the trash it went. 

Everything in the house has changed. Painted the walls with  much warming colors with gray,light caramel and green hues with whites on the trims. Changed some fixtures including faucets and lights. The focal point of the house underwent change as well. The fireplace looks great since with new paint and home decors  put together. I got the idea  on fireplace remodeling here for the reason that I can not afford to hire somebody yet. Maybe with extra tax refund, I could hire a professional to install marble or granite perhaps to match the kitchen top. 

Doc Mcstuffins in the house!

If DisneyJunior has Doc Mcstuffins, we absolutely have one in the house. Meet the newest doctor for stuff animals and toys, Doc DeeDee!

This girl just had a birthday party. Guess whats the theme was? No less than Doc Mcstuffins. I went gaga looking for stuff for her birthday to coordinate with the theme just because the chosen one ain't that popular as of yet or party supply stores didn't have it in the modular. The only plus was that toys r us sells the costume without the shoes, so that I had to purchase from old navy. 

Anyway, I will be posting select birthday party pictures later. Watch out for that, hope procrastination won't succeed. I've been wanting to do it a week ago.

Viva Las the future!

The husband and I make it a point to travel and have fun along with the lil one who just had a birthday last Friday at least twice a year. Every two years, as agreed, Philippines is the destination to visit my whole family, hang out with 'em for a month or so for the lil one to remember and be proud of her roots. Out of state trip is what do we every other year.

Early June this year, we went to one of the big cities with the busiest airport in the United States. It was a four-day-trip and the longest we've driven so far. Being that said, it was thought to  be the worst trip but it turned out to be the best to date. The lil one enjoyed the ten-hour-drive as well as the places we've been to. The hotel was awesome, a four-star-hotel so to speak, with beautiful room, big pool and great staff. Needless to say the least, I wanna go back there but not in the future as I want to visit other cities, too, just like New York and the sin city, Las Vegas.

 The first word that comes from a person's mouth when Las Vegas is the topic is GAMBLING, but that won't be a part of the plan when we decide to make a trip to Vegas. The lil one is surely coming with me and the husband. It's so inappropriate to bring her in the casino with all the smoking, drinking and gambling; which is not my cup of tea. The husband might gamble by himself, though.

 Our second out of state trip is yet undecided but that doesn't hinder me from searching the web on where we're staying at or which hotel to choose as well as  tourist spots that my family will enjoy. I've came across bally's las vegas hotel. The hotel room rate is cheaper than I thought. For as low as $59 and change, Vegas rate becomes so cheap. The king size bed is so perfect for the three of us with basic hotel accommodations such as plush upholstery,  marble bathrooms with combo showers and tub, hairdryers, irons and ironing boards, clock radios, data ports with high speed Internet access, cable TV and in-room movies. These sure are so amazing finds price-wise for a middle class family like mine! So, I guess I can say, Viva Las Vegas! I'll conquer you when I get there!

Music Monday - We've Got Tonight by Cory Monteith and Lea Michele

In honor of the Glee star, Cory Monteith, I'd like to dedicate this Music Monday to him and his love, Lea Michelle (may she get over this tragedy) with the song "We've Got Tonight" from "I Do"!  
For those who don't knowCory Monteith, he is one of the stars of the hit TV series "Glee". He was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. He was 31, so young. Rest in peace, Cory!


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